That's what she said.

This morning photojournalist Jen from Pynkbyrd by Jennifer Stammers sent over the images she took of us a few weeks ago - and I haven't been able to stop looking at them. If you want photos of your family that are real, and pure, and true, I can't recommend her highly enough. No posing, styling or Photoshop (as you can see in the gallery...), just the little moments that we might take for granted, from getting your child dressed, to them falling asleep on the way back from the park.
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- HELEN F. "The Mothership Dubai"


I have always preferred the more natural style of photography, however following our shoot with Jen I am totally hooked. It didn’t feel like a photoshoot, more hanging out with a friend, which meant that everyone relaxed and just had fun doing what they would normally do, which made all the images more real and a true reflection of our life. The key difference for me is that when I look through them, I genuinely remember what we were doing in each photograph as it was a true memory (good or bad!!) and that always makes me smile.

Thank you Jen, you are awesome.

 - KATE R.

Capturing the real life, the normal day-by-day activities, simple and genuine moments! Moments that our daughter can imagine looking the past and feeling our joy to have her in our lives! When those memories are frozen still forever.


Jen photographed our family recently. The whole process was so relaxed and stress free. Her manner was easy going and unobtrusive, we really felt we could just be ourselves and not worry about the camera being there. It was fabulous not having to “Arrange” The family on the couch and try and get a 3 and1 year old to stage the perfect portrait shot! The results were natural and when I look at the photos I see a true reflection of who we are as a family. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone, a refreshing and unique style that really resonated with what we were looking for.