I heart Dubai winter / by Jen Stammes

Dubai winter is finally here and we are absolutely loving it! It's that time of the year too where festive season kicks in, everyone is just exhausted but cheerful, xmas is around the corner and Dubai just puts on it's best hat on and gives us beautiful weather to enjoy it all!

I particularly love going to the beach these days, catching some sun rays (thought way too cold for anything but Ugg boots and a hoodie) and watching how my toddler runs endlessly up and down the beach!

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Dubai's jaw-dropping backdrop always adds that extra element of interest to the image. No matter where you are you'll always find an interesting point of interest... and probably some construction site as well!

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Finding a beach to hang out at is not hard - the hard part is picking one! From Kite beach to Burj Al Arab/ Black palace or even the Marina, options are endless and always interesting.

My favorite time to go is golden hour - nowadays that would be between 4 and 6 pm - just get those sun rays perfectly sneaking through different angles adding that special touch to everything they shine on - can't go wrong!

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However perfect these beaches are though, Dubai overflows with beautiful photo locations - just look around and you'll see. Recently opened Canal is another fab spot, just the architecture and view from it can make any image unique and stand out.

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I am forever grateful to this city for its beauty, versatility, forever changing scenary and opportunity to explore. Can't wait for the next few months and adventures it has for me - bring it on Dubai Winter!