Dubai's best kept Ramadan secret. / by Jen Stammes


This week my photography adventures landed me a completely different Ramadan experience - iftar with a twist. If you are in Dubai you have probably tried various hotels, some tents maybe and seen every dish on the buffets... they all tend to look/taste/be pretty much the same...

Dish Catering asked me to take pictures of their pop up Restaurant - RAMADAN NIGHTS, in Al Quoz Wharehouse 4.  The food is exquisite yet original, inspired by the Middle Easter Cuisine; the ambience is charming, modern and warm and the energy is electric.

My challenge as a photographer was two-fold - not only was the light dim (beautiful for ambience but honestly, a photographer's worst nightmare), but as I learntthat night - people don't like their picture being taken whilst eating (who would have thought!) So capturing how much people were enjoying their time was a tough one... but still I managed to get some happy faces.

The layout is designed for any size of group and accommodates accordingly. I found from couple's enjoying a quiet delicious dinner before heading home, a work group having what seemed to be a regular year iftar gathering to a group of friends celebrating a mate's birthday.

Happy Birthday!

As I meandered my way through the tables I managed to capture the look and feel but was left wanting more. I felt I wasn't being sincere to what I was experiencing and my pictures weren't going to give the event justice - so I ventured out onto unknown waters... I made a short video!!

I cannot recommend this Iftar enough - if you still are yet to do a work, friend, partner Iftar or simply want to squeeze one in before EID - definitely give it a go!