...Where are you from? / by Jen Stammes

One of my favorite parts of photographing families in Dubai is to meet new cultures, mixes and stories. Every family has a unique different story to tell and I can never wait to be able to tell it through my images! To be honest, this is probably my favorite thing about Dubai too. Being from Argentina and having married an Australian it kind of makes us feel like we belong in this city, because technically most of us don't!

Just over a year ago we had Bruno here in Dubai.. a little (not so little...) mix from both our worlds.

I got him a Kandura in honor of him being born in the UAE (and to be honest because I think they are freaking cute!) and it got me thinking - where is Bruno actually from?! I'm sure a few of us "Dubai Mums" have come across this thought after giving birth - they aren't Emirati... they aren't one parents nationality as they are the other parents too (even if both parents are form same country, they still weren't born and had their first years there...) - So... where are they from?

I think the idea of an open world and mixed cultures is refreshing and it brings our children up in a world where they learn to respect their ancestry but they are more open to other cultures, it brings balance to the equation.

Of course they will always grow up with what parents teach them and whats natural to each one of us but they will learn to appreciate it's not better or worse, it's not the only way and give them options for what they would like best, and where they want to go next!

...I wonder where this little one will end up going...