I'm a true believer of looking at images in hard copies - being it hung on a wall, in a book or as a card - but we don't really honor an image until we have given it a true physical belonging. For this reason I have researched and found the perfect photobooks to showcase my families stories. Below you can find 2 types of albums I've been experimenting with for a while and feel confident are the best quality you can get- lets make these memories last forever! Both albums have Hardcovers making them last longer, together with fabric binding and colour embossing which add a touch of authenticity and solidness when held and flicked through. Whilst the first one provides more pages these are soft and don't allow the full view perspective. Depending on whether you want to have all images on display or a selection you can chose accordingly. Let me know!

Hardcover-Soft pages Photobook - PYNKBYRD.

This album consists of up to 100 pages enclosed in hard cover fabric lined book. Size is 21cm x 28cm. We can tailor the books title and page quantity. Delivery is 3 weeks.

Hardcover-Ultra thick pages Artists Photobook - PYNKBYRD.

This album is my ultimate favorite, a true artists book. Its featured ultra-thick pages that lay flat when open allow the viewer to not only appreciate the images at its best but translate the true colours and textures in a seamless layout. It literally lays flat when you open it. It comes with 20 pages (additional pages can be added). Size is 21cm x 21cm. Delivery 3/4 weeks.